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Ecological Design for Land, Biodiversity and People.

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Let's Reconnect to Nature

Whether within our consulting services or our online courses, we believe that reconnecting to nature is vital. 

The natural world is the ultimate designer, and by observing and working with nature we can design highly personalised interventions that not only encourage thriving natural systems, biodiversity, and regenerative landscapes - but support sustainable human activities within them.

Our Services

We offer personalised 1:1 professional services for a wide range of projects.  We go beyond sustainability to create highly regenerative landscapes and buildings - using water restoration, permaculture and regenerative design principles.



Water is the foundation of life. In order to create a thriving landscape the first step is to implement strategies to provide a sound foundation for the land. As certified water restoration practitioners, we can assist you in assessing, designing and implementing a water retention strategy for your land.  


Online Courses

We want to empower our clients to take charge of their projects and design. With our signature group mentorship programme "Designing with Nature" we can guide you to create the self sufficient and sustainable property of your dreams. 




We are Shaan and Gonzalo - a husband and wife design duo. We are professional architects, permaculture designers and water retention practitioners that guide clients on a journey to live more connected to nature.

With over 30 years of combined experience in complex infrastructure projects our passion will always be strategic design and planning.

In 2019 our professional path found a new purpose. In search of reconnecting with nature, we discovered natural farming, permaculture and other regenerative practices. We took a deep dive into this world, fascinated by the potential of integrating nature and people harmoniously in order to restore degrading land into thriving and biologically diverse ecosystems. 

In 2021 we founded Wild Banana Design. Wild Banana Design is an ecological design practice that focuses on supporting thriving natural systems, biodiversity and people through strategic design, implementation and education. We thrive working with nature and finding harmony within its complexity.


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