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A Free 30 Day Challenge

The Green Glow Up Challenge

With our simple daily steps, you could completely transform your lifestyle in 30 Days!

Introducing our¬†"Green Glow-up Challenge"¬†‚Ästa¬†30 day¬†adventure designed to inspire and empower you to live more sustainably.¬†

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A Transformative 3 Week Mini-course

Your Holistic Homestead

What if you had a tool to transform your homestead into an oasis of calm and clarity?

Your problem isn't a lack knowledge and experience.  Your problem is that you haven't set a solid foundation. 

What you need is to create a strategy specific to you - your family, your values and YOUR homestead!


A Practical Guide to

Designing with Nature

What if you had a design team in your back pocket to make your self-sufficient and sustainable property dreams come true?

We can help you to create a highly personalized vision and action plan to transform your home.  An achievable strategy that ties it all together, so that you can go from feeling lost and frustrated, to inspired and motivated!